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Bachelor of nursing (child) - 1st class honors degree (Bangor university)

Master Modules in Anatomy & Physiology of Neonatal Care (London South Bank university)

Herbal medicine (university or Minnesota)

Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3 (Usui Ryoho Reiki)

Courses in holistic well being, meditations & advanced respiratory anatomy (Ludlow Street Health Care, Pediatric palliative Care UK & Great Ormond Street Hospital)

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Becky's story!

Since I was a young child,  I could always feel energy deeply and see things other people could not see  which always made me feel a little odd.

I would know the history of a building just from its energy which was overwhelming as a child. I could communicate with spirits from their energy. Even writing this now makes me feel like they are going to burn me at a witch hunt or take me to a mental health hospital.    

This, combined with my dyslexia contributed to feeling like an outcast as a child. I never really wanted other children to feel this way & enjoyed supporting people's healing so ended up becoming a children's nurse which I loved. 

I went into doing pediatric nursing at university. I had a trauma at university that I never had time to process. I just kept going but I was never very productive as I was always in my fight or flight nervous system.  It was clear I had a lot to heal 

When I moved to London I started getting regular Chinese acupuncher which really helped me to shift a lot of blocked energy caused by unprocessed emotions. 

I ended up doing my in charge competencies and being in charge of the ward. I had so much respect for the people I worked with & the families we supported.  

But the man I fell in love with lived in Colombia. I knew deep in my soul I was meant to live in Colombia with him. One thing about me is I always follow my intuition. So I started saving money to move there. 

But I forgot about me and my well being. I stopped living in my flat in London as it was too expensive.  I  started sleeping on friend sofas and stopped getting any acupuncture. 

For almost a year of doing this I did not have a place of my own, a safe space where I could connect to my own needs. 

And of course because I am not superhuman I suffered from burnout. 

I knew I needed radical change in my life. This is when I started prioritising my wellbeing & found energy healing & became a Reiki Master.


It is now my aim to use Reiki to aid people to heal by moving stagnant energy & emotions in their body, whilst guiding them back to their true essence. 

To support them to hear & prioritise their own body & energy. 


Further questions for Becky below


What have you learnt from working in health care since 2010?   


The one thing I learnt from being a children's nurse and watching children full of life and character leave this life so young, is that life is a gift. But after suffering from burnout and depression I learnt that it does not always feel that way. That is why supporting people's holistic well being is so important to me. I have alway had a strong ability to feel energy, so working with Reiki is my way of supporting others' well-being so they can make sure their energy is in flow, remember their unique spark, their connection to everything and really see that their life is a gift and that they are a gift to others.

What did you learn from travelling at 18? 

Travelling the world never fixes things. Sometimes it is just a way of running away from all the insecurities within. Even when mother nature shows us her greatest wonders, you stand there in awe and yet that emptiness within still exists. Travelling is such a gift but never a solution. The real work is when we actually look within, feel, observe & prioritise our physical,mental & energetic health. Be aware that we are also our energy and that connects us to the wonders of the world and also connects us to everyone around us. When our energy is in flow just like how nature flows we evolve naturally without force, judgement, expectations, doubts or comparison we just flow connected yet unique.  


What did you learn from feeling energy so strongly from a young age?

What did you learn by feeling energy deeply as a child?

Since I was a young child,  I could always feel energy deeply and see things other people could not see  which always made me feel a little odd and sometimes scary

What I learnt is that energy is beautiful but powerful as it connects us to everything. The most important thing I have found when working with energy is our intentions. Having clear intentions is important. Really connecting to love with each intention increases our frequency and protects us and the people we are around or are working with. Also it is important to make sure our own energy is in flow. For me nature and doing regular reiki by using Reiki symbols on myself really helps me cleanse my own energy.

What did you learn from your trauma? 

This is a hard question and if I am honest the biggest thing I learnt is that everyone's journey is different. For me after my trauma I was stuck in my  sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight).  Learning tools such as meditation to enter my para - synthetic nervous system really supported me to feel safe again. Another thing that helped was energy work such as, Chinese massage, Acupuncture and Reiki as these therapies were able to move any energy blocks that were caused by unprocessed emotions.  Finally when I was ready it was important that I felt any emotions that I had not processed from the event without judgment. 

I really want to draw attention to the fact that every individual is different. Although I have had some training in trauma and I am trauma informed I am not a specialist in this topic and although meditation and Reiki can be supportive it is important that you speak to a professional who specializes in this topic to get more detailed information. 

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