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Baby and parent story massage and therapeutic touch!

Our parent and baby groups are for babies from 6 months to 24 months and last for 1 hour. The group involves listening and singing songs while the mums use simple massage strokes on the babies back, to illustrate the song.  For example if the song mentions a sun the mothers will all draw a sun on their babies back. We end all sessions with a song and dance. 

Story massage in itself has a number of benefits, for example The Touch Research Institute Miami found that story massages improves children’s self awareness, ability to connect with others, their concentration and their ability to stay calm. Not to mention regular positive touch between parental guardians and their child has been proven to not only improve the child’s well- being but the parents'! 

We always start our story massage with a song that has the same beat per minute as the average mothers heartbeat to mimic when the baby was in the mothers womb, to help the baby relax and feel safe. The song is in english but only uses basic words like sun, moon and stars so is a great way for your child to be exposed to new sounds at an early age.     

Also, we know that being a parent is a hard job so we ensure all parents take care of themselves too by having a cup of tea or coffee with cookies and are able to use El Jardin Celta De Hadas as their weekly sanctuary to relax and connect with other parents. 

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