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Corporate wellbeing package

Our corporate wellbeing package includes group and private guided meditations as well as monthly online Reiki sessions for the corporation's employees.  We designed this package to improve employee well being, morale, team building and leadership skills, productivity and overall holistic health, which will then reduce their sick days.

Please book a free online appointment so we can answer your questions and tailor this package to suit the individual needs of your company.


Research is constantly telling us that regular meditation helps people enter their parasympathetic nervous system, stimulating them to rest, digest, heal and store information into their long term memory, increasing their overall productivity.  

 The concept that our energetic health affects our physical and emotional health has been part of ancient cultures and traditions around the world for many years, such as Japan, India, Nepal, China and Native American. However, now more and more credible research is starting to further prove validity of this concept

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